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May 6, 2008


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Turning the heel, March 8, 2008When last I wrote about my projects, I was a bit scattered about what I wanted to work on. I had quite a few choices. I decided to concentrate on the ragg wool socks I’m making for my husband. So, around the beginning of March, I got to turn the heel on the first sock.

The yarn is a lot of fun to work with, very soft and easy to work with. The sock felt good as I knit it, and when I finally got to a point where my husband could try it on, he commented on its softness as well.

Lahaina sock

I was having so much fun with it that I decided to take it on vacation with us. I didn’t take it on the plane with me. I didn’t want it to get confiscated. But I worked on it once we got to Lahaina. Yes, Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii. We stayed in a condo at the south end of Lahaina, which is a beautiful little town on the northwest side of Maui. It has shops and wonderful restaurants, gorgeous views, and you can stand at the shore and see whales in the ocean without using binoculars. Pretty cool.

So I sat at our breakfast table on the “lanai” (deck/back porch) after breakfast each morning and worked on the sock. It was in the 80s, humid, and a welcome relief from the long winter we’ve had in the Midwest.

Lahaina sunset
Okay, so this isn’t a morning view, it is a sunset, but I didn’t think you’d mind all that much. :o) It is the sun setting over the island of Molokai.

I worked on the sock, and did finish it while we were there, but neglected to take any photos as proof. And then, very strangely, I didn’t feel like knitting after that. We still had several days left of our week’s vacation, but I just didn’t feel like knitting. Can you blame me with views like this?


1.75 socksWhen we got back, I began the second sock. It went a little more slowly than the first one, but it also knit a little more tightly. I’m not sure why. Same needles, same yarn, same pattern and stitch count. My yarn tension must’ve just been tighter. Again, when I got to the point where my husband could try it on, he commented that the first one was looser.

Finis! Ragg wool socksFinis! They washed up well, and blocked well. All ready for the next snow storm! I am very pleased with how well these socks knitted up, and particularly pleased that the blocking helped to even out the differences in the sizes. When I finished the second sock, it was a couple inches smaller than the 1st one (but still fit my husband’s foot comfortably). After I washed and blocked them, they evened out, and still fit. Go figure!

I have decided, since I finished the ragg wool socks, that I am going to have a project to work on at work, and one to work on at home. That way I don’t have to keep dragging my knitting around and packing it up just after I get going on it.  For home I have chosen to finish the blue turtle I was working on before. I’m not going to show it to you yet because it’s got a bit of a twist to it. But soon!

The work project is a hoodie that I learned about on Ravelry. Ravelry is the knitting/crocheting/spinning online community that is currently in beta testing, but if you’re on there, it’s in full swing, believe me. Forums, patterns, yarns, MUCH temptation. Seriously. Check it out and sign up if you haven’t already.

Pull a capuche encolure tunisienne et finitions liens en ref QuietudeAnyway, this is an Irish hoodie, but the pattern is from Phildar in France, and written in French. This is a new twist for me. I speak French, but trying to decipher abbreviations in English is hard enough. Fortunately the majority of the pattern is in charts. So I’m just going to have to try and figure out the in between stuff on my own or with the help of the “Tricoteuses francophone” group (French knitters) on Ravelry.

Phildar Tweedy Cedre/CedarThe woman who did it on Ravelry where I saw it, started out using Phildar’s Tweedy yarn in the “cedre” colorway (Cedar). She didn’t like it for some reason, and I thought it was beautiful. She is using a gray yarn instead, which is also beautiful. So I bought some of the Cedar Tweedy yarn, and that’s what I’m going to attempt this with. Check it out.

More as it happens!


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