Two Chix Crafting

March 6, 2008


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No one project is interesting me at the moment, so I am working on a bunch of different things. It’s all depending on time available and what I feel like working on. So this post is going to show a lot of different projects going on, and who knows which one will win out????

First up, another turtle! For my nephew, as his sister was the proud recipient of my first turtle.

Blue turtle start Blue turtle progressing

That was all done on a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I felt pretty good about it. Of course I haven’t touched it since then!

Next, some ragg wool socks for He Who Likes Flamingos (better known as my husband):

Ragg Wool socks, March 6, 2008

I’m liking the bigger size yarn. I’ve just finished the leg part and am beginning the heel flap. It’s going pretty well, I just need time to work on them. This is easier on my hands than some of the projects below, so this may be one of the projects that earns my time and devotion!

I also dragged out an old project I had started last summer (I think). Maybe it was 2 summers ago. Oops, it was 3 summers ago. Yikes. It’s an orange sweater, the pattern is in Creative Knitting‘s July 2005 issue — the “Tangerine Smoothie” pattern. Really cute. We’re about to go on vacation, and this will be a good airplane project! It’s the Sugar & Cream cotton yarn, and it will make a nice lightweight summer sweater. If I ever finish it!

Tangerine Smoothie sweater

I’ve also got a couple of other pairs of socks going. Or if not going, at least started. One pair is for a friend. The yarn is from Lisa Souza, hand dyed, it’s called “Berry Poppins!” The yarn I received is more pinky than the photo on her site, but it should still be really cool. It’s a very small thickness yarn (sock weight), though, so my hands can’t take much of knitting with it. My friend may be 80 by the time I finish them, but we’ll see. I think I’m using a size 1 or 2 needle.

Berry Poppin’ Socks!

The other pair I think will be for me. Ha! We’ll see about that. I am trying some beading with this pair. The yarn is from Jojoland: Melody is the name of it. You can see the beads across the skein.

Beaded Melody Socks

I’m going to try the Primavera pattern with the Jojoland Melody socks. It was a free pattern. They are also a little tough on my hands (my hands tire easily and get sore with smaller gauge yarn and needles).

That’s all I’ve got going so far! Hopefully I won’t spazz out totally and these will all be finished in a short matter of time. Wish me luck!


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