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February 10, 2008

1st socks finished; YOMC

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The first socks are mostly finished, minus the weaving in of ends, and blocking:

1st socks mojo

Cool. My teacher taught me the kitchener stitch closing of the toe, which was really cool. Two needles parallel to each other with 8 stitches left on each needle. You weave the yarn back and forth between the first two stitches on each needle (please look up directions and don’t follow what I’m saying!) with a tapestry needle, and then you drop those off and continue down the line until all the stitches have been used. A bit of a mind bender, but if you can keep track of where you are, and not inadvertently drop stitches off the back needle, it’s really a very nice looking finish to the toe. Interweave Press’ spiral bound Knitter’s Companion by Vicki Square has a great description with diagrams. But there is a preparation row that you must do that is listed before the diagrams that apparently a lot of people miss. Check it out.

I also wanted to show you what I got for the Yarn of the Month Club for February:

Yarn of the Month Club, February 2008

Clockwise from top left: Fuego by Lang; Big Cash by Zaol; Cumba by GGH; and Lana Grande by Cascade Yarns. They’re all chunky yarns, using needle sizes from 7-17.

Fuego and Big Cash

Above, the black and white Fuego is really nice. It’s a combination of 23% wool, 5% mohair, 15% nylon, and 57% acrylic. You know whatever you make with this yarn will be nice and warm. Maybe I have socks on the brain, but they would make a beautiful pair of winter socks (especially seeing as how it’s minus 6 degrees here this morning!) or a very nice warm sweater. Needle size 10.5 suggested, the color is 0003.

The champagne-colored Big Cash is very soft. It’s 50% cotton, 45% nylon and 5% cashmere. I don’t know how many ply it is, but it’s a lot of “thread” wound around to make up the big chunky yarn. Recommended needle size is 11.

Lana Grande and Cumba

I will grant you, this is hard to see. I shouldn’t take a photo of two red yarns against an orange background. The Lana Grande is at left, and it is 100% wool. It was really nice to work with. You are supposed to use size 17 needles, but I used 13, and it seemed to be fine. For 100% wool, it wasn’t scratchy at all. A very nice yarn.

I am just starting to work with the Cumba. It’s 42% wool, 28% alpaca, and 30% acrylic. Very soft. What little I have knit has knit up evenly and it looks like it will be a very nice yarn to work with also. Needle size recommendation is size 7.

Now I have to figure out what to work on next. More socks? Another turtle? Stay tuned.


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