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January 21, 2008

Sock mania

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When catwoman4 and I were at Stitches Midwest last August, I got the deep feeling my subconscious wanted me to learn how to knit socks and learn how to knit something in the Entrelac stitch pattern. How do I know this? I bought sock yarn, sock blockers, stitch markers and even 2 books on how to make socks. I also bought a pattern for an Entrelac shawl at JoJoland’s booth. (Just the pattern, not the yarn!)

But I knew that any thought of learning either of these techniques was off in the future, as I had other projects already lined up. Yet my subconscious insisted I buy these things now because of course the future does happen.

Well, one of the techniques (socks) is happening. I began a Basic Sock class at a local yarn store on Saturday. In subzero temperatures! (So you know how dedicated I am to learning this because I actually left the house at -8 degrees F!) The teacher is very good, and so is her stand-in for next week. It’s a 3-Saturday class.

This week we learned how to cast on to double pointed needles (dpn), and begin the K1, P1 cuff, and then ease into stockinette stitch for the leg.

Blue sock with yarn

(The sock is upside down — the ribbed cuff is at the bottom.) I think the yarn is Australian Merino. Why yes, it is. (It’s also made in Italy, go figure!)

Here’s a close-up:

Blue sock

That’s what I did in a 2 hour class. Not too shabby. By next Saturday, I have to finish the leg, and do the heel flap. Then in class we will turn the heel. Cool! If I get far enough, I may start the second sock so I don’t get the dreaded Second Sock syndrome.

The turtle? How nice of you to ask. I finished it yesterday (last night), and will post a photo later on this week. The poor little thing is overstuffed, but I’m hoping with lots of playing by my niece that it will eventually squish down. I am leaving town this afternoon due to a funeral, but I will be back later in the week.

In the meantime, in spite of the funeral, I am quite excited about learning how to make socks! My subconscious was right!


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