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January 9, 2008

Turtle shell and YOMC

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I honestly didn’t feel like knitting over the holidays. I don’t really know why, maybe I was just too plumb tuckered to knit. I also wasn’t sitting much. We visited both families (his and mine) and spent an entire week on the road. I took a knitting project, but never took it out.

I did ponder how to seam the turtle shell, though. It was puzzling to me (see previous post). I ended up putting an I-cord around the smaller bottom piece, and now I am taking my crochet hook and single crocheting the top to the bottom. It’s turning out pretty good.

Crochet Together

Here’s a closer look below.

Crochet Seam

I am about to put some stuffing in so I can close the rest of the shell up. Hopefully I’ll finish this weekend. I have 1 of the legs done too, but 3 still to go. My niece’s birthday is January 30th. I may not get one done for her brother, but we’ll see. I will be taking a “basic sock” class beginning Jan. 19, and it runs for 3 Saturdays, although not consecutively. I finish Feb. 9. So that will take up a hunk of my weekends, I’m sure.

The other thing I wanted to show you is the new Yarn of the Month club samples. Check these out:

January samples

The green is “Moss by Teva Durham,” the more yellow one is “Vegas by Vickie Howell Collection,” and the brown on the right is “Rialto by Debbie Bliss.” The yarn on the needles is “Castello by Louisa Harding.”

 I picked up the Castello yarn first because it was so intriguing. Take a look:

Castello Closeup

There’s a couple of strands of variegated yarn, and a metallic thread that runs parallel to the yarn, and they are held together as one with these very light blue incredibly thin threads that go horizontally across the width of the yarn. Like a millipede’s worth of belts. Those are size 10.5 double pointed needles in the photo. It’s lovely, but I’m not sure what I’d do with it. It’d make a lovely thin scarf (it’s kind of see through because the stitches are so big), or an accent on a one-color sweater — burgundy or brown, sage or slate blue. There are a lot of colors in there. Mitts? Wristlets? I don’t know what you could use this for. It is lovely, though.

Rialto Castello

Above is the Rialto (left) next to the Castello (right and on needles). They look nice together.

Vegas Moss

The Vegas (left) and Moss (right) look good together also. I joked to catwoman that if I knit all of the samples up for 32 years, maybe I’ll have enough for an entire afghan! It is fun to get these, though. It’s fun to knit just a little swatch of something and see how it feels in your hands, and how it works on the needles, and how you like the color. A good deal. We’ll see how long I can do this before I get tired of it or bored. So far (3 months = 12 samples), not too shabby!



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