Two Chix Crafting

December 20, 2007


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I’ve been working on the purple turtle as I have time. It goes surprisingly quickly. I haven’t given the turtle legs yet, I was too excited about trying to knit the shell. So, here is the progress. I did the top part first, and it’s a very clever pattern. I wouldn’t have thought of knitting it like this where you slip the darker purple stitches for a couple of rows and then knit them back in. That’s what pulls it into a rounder shape. Very clever. I’m new at turtles.

Top of Turtle shell, closeup

I tried putting it over the legless turtle just to see what it would look like.

Half of top shell

I thought it looked pretty sweet. I finished the top of the shell, and the bottom of the top part. Go look at the pattern and that might end up making sense.

Top and bottom of top of shell

See, it’s not the part that goes around his/her legs. It is the bottom part of the stuffed part. I hope that makes sense. I am hoping to make this a girl turtle, no special reason other than I want to put a little crocheted “shell” pattern around the edge of the shell. We’ll see though, because I’m a little stuck. The pattern says to “Use any seaming method you like, as long as it is invisible on the RS and will not allow the stuffing to escape; this seam will not show.” So I’m a little confused on just how to do that because the bottom is just slightly smaller than the top, and if I put the right sides together to seam it, how do you stuff it and continue seaming it? I’m going to ponder this over the holiday break, especially as I can’t take it with me because my niece (who it’s for) will be all too present. If anybody has any suggestions, I would appreciate them!!

Thanks! Last post before the holidays! I hope you have the very best of holidays and a wonderful new year! See you in 2008!!


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