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October 3, 2007

Boston, Blue, and Broken

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In the round

This is what I took to Boston with me. I knew the airlines would let me bring circular needles on the plane, so this is the project I brought to work with on the plane and during the week in the evenings after my conference.

It’s another Tulip baby cardigan, size 6 mos., but it’s made from some of the softest yarn I’ve ever encountered. The yarn is variegated too. It’s kind of fun to experiment with this pattern. Rather than changing yarn every 8 rows, it’s fun to let the yarn dictate the design. The yarn is Brooks Farm’s Riata. A very soft 48% wool, 36% kid mohair, and 16% silk. I love the feel of it.


The colors are as luxurious as the feel of the yarn. There’s light blue, purple, teal, green, brown, dark blue and dark purple. And pretty much every shade in between. I don’t remember what the color name of this Riata yarn is, but it is beautiful!

Beginnings of Blue

A week later, this is how much I had finished (above). Mostly on lunch hours as I was working on the other Tulip sweater at home at night. The seed stitch rows don’t pop as much on this yarn, but I still like it.

Blue for Awhile

Alas, this is as far as I’ll get for awhile. I have an avulsion fracture of one of the free-floating bones in my hand. An avulsion fracture is where the ligaments or tendons pull away from the bone, sometimes pulling a piece of the bone with it. It’s mostly treated with rest and ice; only in severe cases is there a need for surgery (extensive ligament or tendon damage). I am visiting the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to get along with rest and icing so I can return to my knitting soon. It’s murder sitting through the Cubs in the playoffs without being able to knit!!

More as it happens!


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