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September 21, 2007

Tulip Sweater Finished!

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I didn’t take the Tulip Sweater with me to Boston, as I had planned. It was mostly because I was working on the sleeves, and they required double pointed needles. I know you can take knitting on airplanes again, but I wasn’t sure about the dpn. I knew circular needles were okay, so I took something on circulars. So I didn’t get to work on the sweater until I came back. Here it is with the sleeves almost finished:

Sleeves Almost Done

 The second sleeve went pretty quickly, with all the info I had garnered from doing the first one. But I still messed up and had to rip some of it out. Namely the brown cuff. I knitted it with the larger size dpns. Argh. Frogged it. Redid it. Then, at last, the sleeves were done:

Sleeves Done

I was so happy I took the sweater outside to take its photo. Sorry about the shadows. You can see the I-cord a little better down the front, though. And that’s all I had left to do then. The I-cord around the neck, and what comprised the two ties. Of course it didn’t go smoothly. The I-cord down the front and around the bottom edge was done by connecting with stitches that were on a stitch holder. On the collar I-cord, you’re supposed to pick up stitches along the edge. Well, the edge is not even, like the front and bottom (for the most part). So I tried it, but it looked like dark brown fangs biting into the cream colored area. I don’t think so!

So what I did was grab the normal brown yarn (not the sparkly stuff), and picked up some stitches with some help from my trusty crochet hook, and THEN I worked the I-cord from that. It looked much smoother. Although you can see at the back of the neck that there’s a chain of cream colored stitches. I hope it won’t be too uncomfortable for the baby, but it feels like it won’t hurt. In spite of all the frogging, this was a lot of fun. At last! Finis!

Tulip Sweater Finished


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  1. That looks very nice! I am impressed with your work on the sweater and hope mine comes out looking as nice. I will try to learn from your mistakes, but I am sure even if I do, I will probably make others…I love those colors!

    Comment by catwoman4 — September 30, 2007 @ 3:41 pm |Reply

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