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September 12, 2007

Tulip Sweater Update

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It took me quite awhile to figure out the instructions for the I-cord trim that goes down the front and around the bottom and back up the other side of the front. Actually, the instructions are written well, I just couldn’t wrap my brain around them. It’s a little klunky, but it comes out looking alright. I used a more sparkly dark brown yarn for the I-cord.

Baby Sweater1

I had started on the right sleeve, too, undoing the bow-tied scrap yarn that was holding the stitches together as you can see on the left sleeve.


But there’s a problem you can see in the sleeve closeup. The yellow yarn is only supposed to be knit for two sections, and you can see I’ve started into the third section. I didn’t discover this, however, until I had completed the third section and was beginning to add the caramel colored yarn. Argh. Had to frog that third section and start again with the caramel color.

One arm completed

There’s another goofy thing going on here in this photo I took when I finished the right sleeve. Can you see it? Yes, there’s only one green section. But I guess we can’t have sleeves 8 feet long. How many babies would stand for that? So, it’s one green panel only. Sigh.

I have started the second sleeve much better informed. Then all I will have left is to finish the I-cord around the neck and create the ties. The baby this is for has been born already, and it’s a girl! That makes me feel better about my use of the sparkly yarn, but I could always frog it if it was a problem. I hope to finish it next weekend, but we’ll see!

Stay tuned!


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