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June 7, 2007

Chemo hats and the demise of Blue Thing 2

Filed under: crocheting,knitting — by tricotchick @ 3:45 pm

A dear friend of the family has leukemia, and I am making her a chemo hat. I am crocheting it, which I don’t usually do, or do much. It is a burgundy chenille, so it will be nice and soft. I’m interested to see how it will turn out because I’m not using a pattern either. Something also new for me. I’ll try and post a photo over the weekend, but I may have to start over!

 Another dear friend of the family has lung cancer, and that is just as major a bummer as our other friend with the leukemia. I am making this friend a chemo hat also, but it will be in his school colors (blue, orange). So as you see, these projects have taken precedence over some of the other projects I’ve told you about. Such as…Blue Thing 2.

The yarn for Blue Thing 2 (wool tweed) was too darned scratchy/itchy, so it has turned into Brown Thing 1. How could anyone wear a sweater out of something that itchy? It was even rotten to knit with. So the recipient, who deserves something delightfully soft and warm, will not be saddled with that horrible discovery.

I found some lovely brown  yarn (which was the original color request of the future recipient) that I will use for that Central Park Hoodie, but I want to finish the chemo hats first.

So…hopefully some photos this weekend, and continued updates as we continue knitting and crocheting!


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