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May 21, 2007


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Finished!I have finished the Mother’s Day Project embroidered name, sunflower and tools to represent the Air Force’s 1st LT Debra Banaszak.

I never thought I would find a cross-stitch pattern for tools, but I did. It was actually in a cross-stitch alphabet book that I had. So I added a wrench and a tape measure. I chose the tape measure because it made me think how we measure our own lives or someone else’s life. Like Sidney Poitier’s book, “The Measure of a Man.” Mr. Poitier’s father said that the measure of a man is by his children. How well he was a father to his children. If that’s the measure of any of us, male or female, Debra Banaszak’s parents are standing pretty tall right about now.

Even though the wrench and tape measure were the easiest stitching on this whole project for me, of course they were fraught with the most messing up! I started the wrench too close to the sunflower and had to rip out about 12 stitches. But of course they wouldn’t rip out very easily, so there’s a bit of a bulge where I screwed that up. I finally got it in the right spot, but it may be over to the left too far. I was trying to leave enough room for the tape measure, but somehow I didn’t get them centered properly. You know that saying, “measure twice, cut once”? It kept coming into my head as I kept ripping out stitches.

I think I’ve tried to avoid the heavier thinking about Debra, but with Memorial Day fast approaching, I will bring it to the front burner of my head. I think next weekend would be a splendid day to plant some sunflowers on her behalf. It was also pretty cool to finish my part of the project on May 20, which would have been my grandfather’s 106th birthday. He’s the other sunflower I told you about in an earlier post.



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