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May 10, 2007

What’s in a name?

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What’s in a name?This is tougher than I thought. With each stitch of Debra’s name, the needle going through the muslin almost feels like a stabbing of the heart. It’s so final. I have finished Debra’s name, and I am moving on to the sunflower. I’m hoping that will bring a happier feeling, that the sunflower will come to symbolize reaching for the sun, for the dreams that Debra can no longer dream, but that her life, her ultimate sacrifice, will give the rest of us appreciation and hope for the many freedoms we enjoy.

I was happy to learn that she liked sunflowers. I had been thinking, as we start our garden this year, of planting a couple of sunflowers, but for my grandfather. He was not a tall man, so I thought the sunflower would symbolize his height of character. The sunflower has always been a happy flower for me, swaying above everything else that can grow in a garden. Grandpa wanted his children and grandchildren to be tall. He got his wish. So now I will plant a few sunflowers for him, that he might watch over us from on high, and I will also plant a few for Debra, so that the plant she loved so much will live on for her and represent her to all who pass by. You know I’m going to tell them about her.

What’s in a name? Peace. Love. Spirit. You tell me.


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