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May 2, 2007

Mother’s Day Project

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I saw this on another blog, and it’s important enough to pass on. If you blog, and you read about Anne’s project and deem it worthwhile, please add a link to your blog. Pass it on!

She wants to do something to remember/memorialize the women who have died in the Iraq War — 79 to date.

The idea is that this won’t be done in time for Mother’s Day 2007 (i.e., May 13, 11 days from now!), so don’t panic. But please read and join in if you can. Anne’s Mother’s Day Project:

Although I haven’t been to the concentration camps in Germany as Anne has, I have visited the Normandy Beaches in France, a holocaust museum nearby (I think it’s in Caen), and the American Memorial Cemetary, also near the beaches. It’s hard to forget, and that’s the idea. There was an image at the museum that haunts me still, eleven years later. It’s of a young girl, blonde, looking directly at the camera, with a young man behind her. A Nazi soldier is putting a noose around the young man’s neck. The young girl already has the noose about her neck. She looks amazingly like my mother did as a young girl. You want to step through decades of time and pull them to safety, but you know that’s out of the question. Man’s inhumanity to man. Thoughtless, senseless. Help us not to forget any of these people! Please visit the link above and do what you can. Thank you!


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